Inês developed her first collections in 2009 and the designer jewelery brand bears her name – Inês Telles. In 2010 he participates in the first International Fair in Paris - Bijorhca, and has maintained a regular presence in diverse presentations in various cities of the world (especially Paris, Munich, São Paulo, San Francisco and Tokyo stand out).


With a degree in Art History, Inês has always been enchanted with the stories and cultures of other times and places. Travels, archeology, ethnology and botany are important inspirations for the designer's attentive eye, where through silver and gold, she finds organic and sophisticated forms. They are pieces that seek to be comfortable, versatile and that sometimes carry some symbolism and mysticism; these pieces find in the human body a place to embellish and adorn. 

Inês Telles is a brand whose main premise is to maintain its essence of authenticity, honesty and love for the jewelry it creates.

With a small production and using manual and traditional processes, it is in our Lisbon studio that the brand Inês Telles creates and produces the pieces of jewelry. There is a constant concern for the improvement of an economical, environmentally ethical and conscious production.

Photos Ana Brígida ©