Inês Telles has her workspace in Lisbon, in Graça. It is an abundant place of natural light, plants and tools; where there are records of an industrial architecture from the last century and the personal and inspiring details of the author, in a union between aesthetics and technique.

   For the author, just as jewelry adorns the body, decoration adorns spaces. We find in his atelier-workshop details that are a way of expressing, registering and inspiring. Objects that remind us of the places where she went, memories of people who left her mark or botanical and maritime records that she kept.

The atelier - workshop is an extension of the author's work, which inspires and mirrors her collections. Visitors can connect with this creative environment and the beauty of manual production.
It is possible to visit the atelier - workshop by appointment: or by phone/WhatsApp (+351) 916 523 797
Photographs Diana Salomé ©