All the pieces Inês Telles they are conceived through manual processes in the Atelier Inês Telles, in Lisbon. 

The material used is 925 silver - the most common cool silver alloy.

The color of the material can vary between the silver tone, the golden tone (plating of 1 to 3 microns of 24k gold plating) and the black tone (oxidizer with sulfur liver derivatives).

All jewels are packed with their own packaging and in an airtight plastic bag.

In order to preserve your jewelry as best as possible, you should store it individually in its packaging and an airtight plastic bag, avoid contact with perfume, cream and water.

Silver naturally has a tendency over time and I use it to darken. If you want to maintain your parts, please contact us for maintenance


Warranty and Certificate:

According to the law established in Portugal, all articles have a 2-year warranty, from the date the purchase invoice is issued. Yet, Ines Telles excludes any liability for damage to articles derived from lack of precaution and for inappropriate and neglected use.

All pieces are made through manual and traditional processes and are handcrafted in the author's studio. Thus, it may happen that there are small differences between the final piece that you will receive and the one that illustrates the photograph of the online store. We appreciate your understanding, after all it is a manual work.


Brand of responsibility Ines Telles:

The application of the certification process by the INCM Contrastaria only applies to silver pieces weighing 2g or more. In the case of gold pieces, it is applied to pieces weighing more than 0.5g.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the certification marks, the buyer can use the services of the Contractor to verify the authenticity of the metal.

INCM Constrastaria Marks Chart

Activity Title: T31227

On the Banco de Portugal website you can consult the daily price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph a), number 1 and number 2 of article 63

The pieces can be physically visualized and inspected by the competent authorities for that purpose in our facilities: 

Head office: Travessa da Pereira n16A 1170-313 Lisboa

Nif: 513842233

Activity title nºT0911 of Retailer de Ourivesaria - Website.

The brand's jewels Inês Telles they are made of precious metals: 925 silver and 24 carat gold plating, 19.2 carat and 18 carat gold. All jewels are certified by the INCM Contrastaria (site where they find the precious metal permeate from the alloy and certify the legal touch of the metal. This certification is done through the application of the contrast with the brand of responsibility, manufacturer or equivalent.