Ana Ventura + Inês Telles

Limited Edition

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, this collaboration celebrates the grace in what we often hide: Our wrinkles. Ana views these lines as human stories, body landscapes and life memories. Together, They embrace imperfections as a testament to life’s richness.

Earrings: Set 4 units 925 silver and/or gold plated 24 k; size betweeen 4,5 and 1 cm; 2,4 g

Embossed Print: Conqueror connoisseur natural white 300g; 14 x 40 cm

Made in Portugal

Inês Telles's jewels are made of precious metals: 925 silver and 24-carat gold plating, 19.2 carat and 18 carat gold.

All pieces are certified by the INCM. 

Inês Telles

Inês Telles cria e produz as suas joias sob processos manuais e tradicionais de joalharia. Todas as peças são construídas de forma cuidada e individual na sua oficina em Lisboa.

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