Where can I buy Inês Telles jewelry?

You can buy branded pieces in our online store and in any store on our stocklist. You can also contact us at info@inestelles.com and find out more about stock and availability of pieces.


Can I place custom orders?

We will be happy to create personalized pieces with you, designed for a particular moment or person. Send email to info@inestelles.com with details of the order you want to place. After analyzing your request we will contact you..


I have silver pieces from Inês Telles that are oxidizing. Is it normal? How should I clean?

Yes, it's normal. The silver goes into oxidation process with several external agents (sea water, soap or shampoo, perfumes or simply PH of the skin).

To regain the appearance of clean and shiny silver, you can contact us for the maintenance of your piece. If you prefer to do your own maintenance, you can use a product designed to clean silverware (for example, Silver Dip), wash and dry well - the brand is not responsible for any reaction or damage caused by the maintenance carried out by an individual.

If the piece is in oxidized silver or gold plated please contact us for maintenance.


Is it possible to become a retailer?

Certainly. Contact us via email for catalog requests and conditions info@inestelle.scom

Can I use images and information from your website for dissemination purposes?

Yes, after contact and approval.


Will the jewelry you buy at the online store be the same as the one shown in the photos?

Our pieces are made under manual processes, it is natural that there may be slight differences. However, we strive to maintain a similar aspect at all times.


Are purchases made through the online store sent wrapped as gifts?

Because our pieces are often intended to give to someone, all of our items are wrapped with care and with the gift effect.

You can, at the time of purchase, leave a ‘Note’ with the message you want to accompany your gift.


I made a purchase at your online store but I want to exchange. Can go directly to a store on your Stockist store?

No, all purchases made in our online store are the sole responsibility of the brand so exchanges, returns or arrangements will have to be dealt with directly with us. In these cases, please email info@inestelles.com. We will always respond as quickly as possible.


Are online store prices the same in all retailers?

The brand Inês Telles recommends a PVP value to all its resellers, which is the price practiced in our online store. However, we cannot guarantee that there may not be some differences between stores.

The promotions and campaigns developed in our online store are exclusively our responsibility. Our sales strategy is independent of that practiced in physical stores.


I placed an order in your online store, how long will it take to be delivered?

From the moment we receive the notice of a purchase, we take care of everything with the greatest care and as soon as possible so that all customers are satisfied.

We work with a carrier, national and international, so that your order is delivered in a more agile and secure way. The national carrier takes between 24 and 48hours to make deliveries (it is important at this point to be on the lookout for any telephone contact you may receive with more information about your shipment). The international carrier, depending on the country and the period of the year, takes between 3 and 7 business days.

We appreciate your understanding some delays in times of higher work density. We are all doing our best to ensure that you receive your order safely. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us info@inestelles.com


Do you make repairs, perform cleaning maintenance and renew gold baths for your pieces?

Yes, only in Inês Telles brand jewelry. We make all the necessary arrangements and maintenance for your jewelry to look like new. If it is within the warranty period and accompanied by the warranty or the invoice, no amount will be charged. Otherwise, it will have a reasonable cost to be agreed upon prior to repair.

Do you make repairs to pieces produced by other brands?

No, the Inês Telles brand does not interfere with pieces by other artists and the models that they create or personalize as they are totally exclusive and unique.


If I make an online purchase can I exchange or return it?

Yes, any piece purchased from our online store can be exchanged or returned, provided it is within 15 working days after being sent. The part must be accompanied by the warranty, the original packaging and must not show signs of use.

The exchange or return can be made in person at the workshop by appointment or via carrier. Shipping charges (both return and exchange) will not be returned.

For any the value of the new shipment is the buyer's responsibility.

In case of exchange, the value of the new shipment is the responsibility of the buyer. Exchanges must be made for equal or greater amounts.